Email Templates

Through your B2B Wave eCommerce platform, you and your customers receive different email notifications in response to specific events. For example, when a customer places an order, both you and your customer will receive a “New Order Notification” email.

To see which email notifications are built into your platform and modify their layout and content, go to  Settings >Email Templates.

Now, let’s have a close look at these templates:

Email Template Name Trigger Default Recipients
Approve You approve a new customer registration to your B2B portal The customer at the email address they have entered in your store’s “Sign Up” form
New order admin A customer places a new order The primary administrator of the B2B Wave account. You can edit this through  Settings > Profile >Basic Info under the “Email” field
New order customer A customer places a new order The customer at their primary email. You can view and edit this through the  Customers menu by clicking on the customer and going to the “Customer details” tab under the “Email” field
Notify order status change When you change an order’s status if you have clicked “Notify customer via email” on the “Editing order status page” through  Settings >Order Statuses

The customer at their primary email and the primary administrator of your B2B Wave account
Notify order document

When you add a document to an order through the “Files” section on the order’s page, and you click “Save”

The customer at their primary email
Set password instructions When:  
1. A customer clicks “Forgot password” on your storefront’s login page
2. You click “Send reset password link” in the “Customer details” tab on the “Editing customer” page
The customer at their primary email

Importantly, all email templates will appear twice if you have customers who use different languages. This is because each template has a locale that corresponds to its language. For example, you will see additional templates with “it” under the “Locale” column if you have Italian and English customers. These templates will be sent to all Italian-speaking customers. 

Customizing Email Templates

You can customize standard email templates by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings >Email Templates and click on the template you want to edit.

Step 2. On the email template page, click “Edit” to modify the email’s content. You can also add customer-specific and order-specific information, such as customer name, by using a variable inside curly braces (e.g.,{{ company_name }}). Click “Show available variables” to view a complete list of them.

In the example below, you can see the email new customers will receive when they place an order. The company’s name is generated by “{{ company_name }}” highlighted in red below. Similarly, the company’s email is generated by “{{ }}”, its Order ID is generated with “{{ }}”, and so on. 

Step 3. Click “Source” to create custom logic for each email. We use Liquid HTMLto do so. Once you click it, you will reveal the Liquid HTML in each message. Here, you can create if-statements, custom tags, line spacing, and more.

Step 4. Once you’ve made the necessary changes to the template, click “Save” to store them.

NOTE: Please contact our support team if you want assistance with customizing an email template.

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