Email Templates

In B2B Wave, you and your customers will receive different types of email notifications in response to certain events. For example, when an order is placed, you and the customer who placed the order will receive a "New Order Notification" email. In Settings/Email Templates, you can modify the layout and content of these email notifications. 

Email Template Name Trigger Default Recipients
Approve A new customer registration is approved The new customer's primary email
New Order Admin A new order is placed The primary administrator's email (in Settings/Profile/Basic Info)
New Order Customer A new order is placed The customer's primary email (in Customer/Customer Details/Email)
Notify Order Status Change 1. An order status with 'Notify Customer' is changed

The primary administrator's email and the customer's primary email
Notify Order Document A new document is added to an order and 'Send Email' is checked. The customer's primary email
Set Password Instructions 1. A customer presses 'Forgot Password' on the Sign in Page
2. An admin presses 'Send Reset Password Link' in the Customers menu
The customer's primary email
All other templates can only be edited by the B2B Wave team 1. A new message is received on an order
2. A one-time login link email is sent
3. etc.
1.The admin's primary email 
2. The customer's primary email

Note: If you have customers using different languages, you may notice that you have seemingly duplicate email templates. Each template has a "Locale" which corresponds to it's language. In the image above, the "New Order Customer" template with the "en" locale will go to all English speaking customers. If you have French and English customers, you will see an additional "New Order Customer" template with the "fr" locale. This template will be sent to all French speaking customers.

Customizing Email Templates

To customize an email template, email our support team. Or continue reading to learn how to customize the email template on your own. 

First, click a template in Settings/Email Templates to see how this email will look when it is emailed. To make edits to this email templates, click 'Edit'.

You can add or remove text simply by typing. To add customer-specific and order-specific information, such as a customer's name, you will need to use a variable inside curly braces. Click 'Variables' to view a full list of these variables. 

In the image above, you can see that 'ACME Corporation' is the company who placed an order and will receive this Order Notification. The company's name is generated by {{ company_name }}, highlighted in red below. Similarly, the company's email is generated by {{ }}, it's Order ID is generated with {{ }} and so on. These variables and more can be found in the Variables list below.

You can also create custom logic for each email. We use Liquid HTML to show content and create custom logic for each email. By pressing 'Source', you can reveal the Liquid HTML in each message. Here, you can create if-statements, custom tags, line spacing and much more.

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