Zapier integration

Zapier provides an interface to create custom B2B Wave integrations. With Zapier, you can make an event in one application automatically trigger an event in another application. This is called a 'Zap'. Here are some examples:

  • Create a new customer in B2B Wave when a person is added in Pipedrive.
  • Update an order status in B2B Wave when an order is marked as shipped in BigCommerce
  • Create an order in 3dcart when an order is placed in B2B Wave.
  • Create or update a record in Airtable when a product is created in B2B Wave. 

You can integrate B2B Wave with Airtable, Onedrive, eBay, BigCartel, 3dcart, Pipedrive, and many other platforms. While most integrations can be made with a free Zapier account, others (such as Salesforce and BigCommerce) are 'Premium' and require a paid Zapier membership.

Step 1 - Add the applications you want to connect

1. In B2B Wave, go to Settings/Profile/API Configuration and copy your Zapier credentials.

2. Signup or login to Zapier

3. Go to 'My Apps' in Zapier and search for B2BWave. Click on B2B Wave. If you don't see B2B Wave here, contact us at

4. A login window will appear. Paste the API credentials you found in step 1.

5. Click 'Yes, Continue'. If you entered your credentials correctly, you will now see B2B Wave under 'My Apps' .

6. Use the same method to add other applications you'd like to connect B2B Wave with.

Part 2 - Create a Zap

1. Click 'Make a Zap' in the sidebar.

2. Read this article for instructions on making your first Zap.

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