You can set and change the default language of your B2B eCommerce platform, both for your admin panel and your customer’s storefront. 

Setting Language Preferences for Administrators

To set the default language of your Admin panel, go to Settings >Profile. Then, select your preferred language from the "Basic Info" tab and click "Save." 

Setting Language Preferences for Customers

To set the default language for your storefront, go to the  Customers menu and click on a specific customer. Then, select the customer’s default language from the relevant drop-down menu on the “Customer details” tab on the “Editing customer” page, and click “Save” to change your store’s language for this customer. For example, Customer E will view the storefront in British English.

Setting Language Preferences for Suppliers

To set a supplier's default language, go to the  Suppliers menu on your Admin Panel, then select a supplier. Then, on the "Supplier edit" page, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu of the "Language field" that appears in the "Supplier Details" tab.

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