ShipStation integration

You can now seamlessly send your B2B Wave order, customer and product data to ShipStation. You can also retrieve Shipstation shipping estimates in real time and display them for your customers during order checkout. The ShipStation integration is not enabled by default, so please contact our support team if you would like to enable it. Once the integration is enabled, you can send data to ShipStation by completing the following steps:


1. First, retrieve your ShipStation API keys. Once you've logged in to your ShipStation account, you can find your API keys here.
2. Press 'Generate API Keys'. 

B2B Wave

3. Copy/paste your API Key and API Secret into the 'ShipStation Configuration' window in B2B Wave on the 'Integrations' tab under the Settings->Profile menu in your Admin Dashboard. Press 'Test Connection' to ensure that the keys are entered correctly.
4. Now you should see a blue button that says "Send to ShipStation" in your B2B Wave order menu (see the screenshot below). Click it to send the order to ShipStation.
5. Your order will now appear in ShipStation's Orders tab under 'Awaiting Shipments'. 

For auto-population of shipping rates during customer checkout, please contact our support team. And be sure to send us your feedback or questions!

Recent updates

1. Automatic updating of tracking numbers and order statuses from ShipStation to B2B Wave.

2. Calculate shipping rates from ShipStation 

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