Domain Configuration

You can automatically forward customers from your existing website to your B2B Wave-powered portal. Let’s see how you can do this using  GoDaddy as an example. However, note that this process may differ slightly depending on your domain registrar.

Connecting your Domain Name to your B2B Wave Account

Once you’ve determined the domain (URL) you want to connect to your B2B eCommerce platform, you can use our Domain Configuration tool for specific instructions. 

For example, let’s say you purchased the domain, and you want to connect this domain and forward your customers to your storefront at Now, let’s break the main process down into simple steps.

Adjusting DNS Records for your Domain

To adjust your domain’s DNS records, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your Go Daddy account and select “Domain.”

Step 2. Click the “DNS” menu, then select “Manage Zones.” 

Step 3. Enter the first letter of your domain on the “Domain name” field, and you will see your domain populate as a suggestion to select on the “DNS Management” page. Note that Go Daddy requests this even if you have registered only one domain.

Step 4. Adjust the CNAME record. If you do not have a CNAME record for your domain, select “Add” to create a new record. Select “CNAME” from the “Type” drop-down menu on the “Records” page. Then, fill in the URL of your B2B Wave account in the “Points to” field (e.g.,, and click “Save.”

Step 5. Once you save the new record, take a screenshot, and send it to so we can update it accordingly on our end.

Forwarding the Naked Domain Name to your “www” Address

If you want to forward visitors to your website when they type in your domain name with or without the “www” prefix, complete these steps:

Step 1. Go to the “Forwarding” section and add your full URL to the Forwarding section (e.g., to the “Forward To” field. Make sure that you set the prefix for the “Forward To” field to “http://” and your domain name (e.g., or depending on whether you would like to include “www” in front of your domain or not).

Step 2.Click “Permanent (301)” under the “Forward Type” section and “Forward only” under the “Settings” section. These are typically default settings. However, it’s best to double-check that these settings are correct, then click “Save.”

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