Domain configuration

If you want to automatically forward customers from your website to your B2B Wave storefront, this tutorial will show you how to do that. We will be using GoDaddy in this example, however, be aware that the process may be slightly different depending on which domain registrar you use.

1. Determine the specific URL you want to forward from. Use this tool for specific instructions. For example, let's say you purchased the domain and you want to forward customers to your storefront at

2. Go to the DNS Management page. In GoDaddy, you can find this at Domains/All Domains/" ... "/Manage DNS. 

3. Now, add a new record. Select CNAME from the "Type" drop-down menu. "Host" specifies the subdomain of your purchased domain. Using our example above, you would type in "Points to" specifies where you want the domain to be redirected to. In our example, we want to redirect to TTL determines how frequently your DNS records are to be updated.

4. After you've saved the new record, take a screenshot and email the screenshot to so that we can update our records accordingly.

5. (Optional) If you want to forward the website when used with or without the "www" prefix, then simply add your full URL to the Forwarding section (e.g. as shown below.

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