Zoho CRM Integration


You need to have an active Zoho CRM Professional subscription (or higher) for the integration to work, otherwise, the "Inventory Management" modules are not supported and the integration will fail.

How to set up Zoho CRM

Visit https://accounts.zoho.com/developerconsole, and click on "Add client ID". Select "Server-based Applications".


  1. Add any name for Client Name
  2. Add your B2B Client Domain
  3. Add your Authorize Redirect URLs in the following format:
    1. Client domain:  <your subdomain>.b2bwave.com
    2. Authorized redirect URLs:  https://<your-subdomain>.b2bwave.com/profiles/zoho_crm/oauth2callback (Client Type should be "WEB based").
      NOTE: If you use a custom domain, please use this in the redirect URL instead of your-subdomain.b2bwave.com.

B2B Wave setup

Set your Client ID and Client Secret through the 'Integrations' tab under the Settings->Profile menu in your Admin Dashboard, then click on "Connect to Zoho CRM".

After finishing the setup, when editing an order, you should see a button on the bottom of the screen called "Send to Zoho CRM". This button will create a Sales Order in Zoho CRM. Accounts, contacts and items that are not available in Zoho will automatically be created.

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