Zoho CRM integration

How to set up Zoho CRM

Visit https://accounts.zoho.com/developerconsole, and click on "Add client ID". Select "Server-based Applications".


  1. Add any name for Client Name
  2. Add your B2B Client Domain
  3. Add your Authorize Redirect URLs in the following format:
    1. Client domain:  <your subdomain>.b2bwave.com
    2. Authorized redirect URLs:  https://<your-subdomain>.b2bwave.com/profiles/zoho_crm/oauth2callback (Client Type should be "WEB based").
      NOTE: If you use a custom domain, please use this in the redirect URL instead of your-subdomain.b2bwave.com.

B2B Wave setup

Set your Client ID and Client Secret through the 'Integrations' tab under the Settings->Profile menu in your Admin Dashboard, then click on "Connect to Zoho CRM".

After finishing the setup, when editing an order, you should see a button on the bottom of the screen called "Send to Zoho CRM". This button will create a Sales Order in Zoho CRM. Accounts, contacts and items that are not available in Zoho will automatically be created.

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