Product feed

Some B2B buyers who order in bulk can get frustrated when they learn during the checkout process that certain items they've ordered are out of stock. The B2B Wave product feed feature is designed to give your customers a transparent, high quality experience when ordering from your store.

To enable the product feed feature, go to the Customers menu in your Admin Dashboard. Then, select the customer you want to activate this option for. On the "Editing customer" page that opens up under the 'Customer details' tab, check the "Enable product feed" box as shown below. If you don't see the "Enable product feed" box, please contact our support team.

Once you enable the product feed feature, that customer will be able to check the stock availability of all of your products through a dedicated page on their storefront, available under their profile menu as shown below. The "Feeds/Exports" page may also be located under Feeds/Exports in the "My Account" menu.

Through the "Feeds/Exports" page, your customer can download a file (in .txt, .csv, .xml or .xlsx format) in two different versions:  one with product descriptions and one without it. This will allow them to stay up-to-date with their orders.

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