Importing products

You can importing products to your storefront under the Products->Import menu. When importing products, the file should be in Excel format (.xlsx) and the first sheet should contain the products you want to import.

You can use the sample file import provided as a reference, or, better yet, you can export the current products from the system (under Products->Import). The following fields/columns can be used when importing products.

Import / Export Terms

product_sku:  The code of the product
category_path:  The category the product belongs to. This should be in the following format if you have a categories/subcategories structure: Category\Subcategory.
product_name:  The name of the product
product_desc:  The description of the product. Can also be HTML.
product_price:  The price of the product. If you have multiple price lists, you can create multiple Excel files and import each one per price list. Products are matched to the product_sku, if available, and are not created again.
product_tax:  If the product is taxable or not. Values are Taxable and Non Taxable. You can find available values under the Settings->VAT (or Settings->Sales Tax) menu.
product_unit:  The main unit of measure for the product. This could be kg, lb, m3, or some other unit of measure. This field is used mainly for informational purposes.
product_active:  If the product is active or not. Valid values are 1 or 0.
product_availability:  The status of the product (e.g. Available, Pre-order, etc). You can view the available options under the Settings->Product statuses menu.
image_url:  Full url for the image of the product. If you don't have your product images online, please contact us for an alternative. You can read more about this below under Guidelines for images.
gallery_image_url1:  Full url for the image of the product. You can read more about this below under Guidelines for images.
minimum_quantity:  Minimum quantity for ordering this product. Set to 0 or leave empty if this option does not apply.
product_upc:  UPC code of the product, if applicable (will also be shown to the customer)
reference_code:  Internal reference code for your records, if applicable (will not be shown to the customer)
is_private:  If the product is private or not. Valid values are 1 or 0.
extra_categories:  If the product has additional categories
length, width, height, weight:  Product dimensions and weight
dimension_measurement_unit: The measurement unit of the product dimensions (length, width, height).
price_msrp:  The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
brand:  The product's brand name
cost:  The product cost for your records
box_quantity:  If the product is only available in multiples
quantity:  The quantity currently available
quantity_monitor:  This turns inventory tracking on (value of 1) or off (value of 0) for a given product
can_backorder:  Whether customers can order this product when it is out of stock. You can read more about this here.
package_quantity_unit:  The product's unit of measurement. You can read more about this here.
meta_description:  A description added to product/advanced (will not be shown to the customer)
pdf_description:  The description appearing on the product catalog PDF
barcode:  The product's barcode number
mpn:  The manufacturer's part number
b2b_product_id:  An internal product identification code
privacy_groups:  Name of the private category(ies) this product belongs to. You can read more about this here.
available_options:  A list of this product's product options
option_values_[variant name]:  A list of this product's variant names
customer_access:  If the product is private, then the customers in this column will have access to it. Enter the relevant customers' email, separating them with a semicolon. For example, demo@b2bwave;;

Guidelines for images

When importing images for a product, the images must be available online in their original format. The URL of the image is required for our software to be able to retrieve the image and make it available to your customers. If the images of the products are not available online, then we suggest you create an account on and upload the images there. With the Cloudinary service, you can upload images and generate a URL for each one.

Main image

You can upload the main image of a product by adding the URL of the image in the column named image_url. Supported file formats are:  png and jpeg. The URL must follow this example:

Additional images

If you wish to include more images for each product, you can add extra columns named "gallery_image_url1 gallery_image_url2", etc., to your Excel file.

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